White Rodgers 1f88-275 Thermostat Manual

The white rodgers 1f88-275 thermostat manual covers white roger thermostat 1F88-270 1F88-279, including the white rodgers 1f88-275 thermostat model. These thermostats feature Heating & Air Conditioning and 5-1-1 Programmable/Non-programmable, Auto Changeover, Multi-Stage/Heat Pump Thermostats.

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The system “mode” is selected by pressing the SYSTEM button. Icons on the bottom right corner of the display will indicate the mode: COOL, AUTO, HEAT, EMER, or OFF. In any mode except OFF, the setpoint temperature will be shown on the right side of the display. In OFF, this area will be blank. The current temperature will be displayed on the left side of the display. To operate properly in the AUTO mode, the heat setpoint temperature cannot be the same as or higher than the cool setpoint temperature. The heat setpoint must be at least 1° lower than the cool setpoint.

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