Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Chainsaw Manual

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Chainsaw Manual
Poulan Pro 18″ Chainsaw Owner Manual
Models: PP4218AVX, PP3516AVX
Gas Chainsaw by Poulan Pro, 18″ Bar
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Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Parts List:
18″ Replacement Chain Bar  #952044689
18″ Replacement Chain
***Oregon 18″ Bar and Chain Combo Package

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Common Questions about the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Chainsaw:

What spark plug does the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX use?
The 18″ Poulan Pro uses the Champion RCJ–7Y Spark Plug.

How often should I add bar and chain oil to my 18″ Poulan Pro Chainsaw?
Check the oil level before each use…add oil whenever necessary.

Can I get the chain sharpened for my PP4218AVX by Poulan Pro?
Yes, you can get the chain sharpened.

Does it matter which brand of chain I use on my Poulan Pro 18″ Chainsaw?
No, I tend to use Oregon chains, and be sure and replace the chain bar every couple of years as well (see parts list above).



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